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    A One Jewelled Beauty...

    Slightly ironic title...

    bought this a while back and have only just got around to looking at it.....

    It only cost a couple of quid and bought it because I liked the dial. I knew it needed attention... No crowns/stems! Glad to see there is a movement inside.

    It has a 1 jewel Ronda 1223 alarm Handwind.... Note... the 1 jewel is missing.

    bidfun-db Archive: Watch Movements: Ronda 1223-21

    Not getting much joy in finding donor parts/movement.... but found this identical 'Smiths' watch (dial mass produced and sold to different companys for branding??) with the luxary 17J Ronda...

    Anyone Know Anything About A Smiths Alarm? - The Watch Forum
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    Re: A One Jewelled Beauty...

    Dial is nice looking and alarm feature would ne a nous if you get it all to work . Good luck

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    Re: A One Jewelled Beauty...

    Very interesting vintage....never saw a 1 jewel alarm before.....
    Later, Gary

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