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    Opinion on a Zenith 126-5-6

    I've come across a Zenith 126-5-6 in the market (yes, the itch has come back) and was hoping for any insight on it.

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    It's at 34mm, which is the lowest I can go, but I do like the minute tracker, and I've been waiting to get my first Zenith. (Edit: I noticed the smaller numerals give you the 24 hr. clock indications, which I haven't seen in that particular layout before.)

    It's advertised as a Sporto, which I've seen spelled out on the dial for other watches, but it's only indicated on the case back for this one:

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    The seller dates it in the 1960s, but the movement serial number (and if I'm right that it's a cal. 126-5-6) dates it between 1950-55.

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    Unfortunately, the case is blinding me with its polished-ness, and it's not as hard-edged as I would prefer. Also, what is that design on the back?

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    Finally, my understanding is that the crown would have a star on it. I can't tell what's on the crown, but there seems to be something there.

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    Alrighty, thanks again folks for any input you may have.
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    Re: Opinion on a Zenith 126-5-6

    Look at the thread about 12-4-P. The same dial style, but chromium case. This may be a marriage watch. Movement and dial from chrome or gold Zenith and a Sporto case. Movement dates to 1951 and case 1953ish. At early 50's this was a special movement and not for entry level Sporto. It can be seen in Sporto late 50's. The dial looks suspiciously white for 65+ year old watch, most likely a redial. Second hand is too short, not orig. I can't make out, if hands are blue or black, if black not orig. The polish of the case is just hidious!

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    Re: Opinion on a Zenith 126-5-6

    Right - wrong case, hands. It makes me suspect the crown even more - I still can't make out what's on it. And yes, I can't ignore the crown.

    The 12-4-p thread is mine, actually.

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