Opinions on this Eterna Bumper, please.

Thread: Opinions on this Eterna Bumper, please.

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    Opinions on this Eterna Bumper, please.

    Honest opinions, please--what do you think of this Eterna bumper, inside and out? The serial number puts it at around 1948, just as the Eterna-Matics were making a splash. I'm not wholly confident that the case back is original. Also, I'm not sure what to think about the seller--I think I've seen this and other of their watches listed for several hundred dollars; I'm not sure why the seller would be putting them up for auction all of the sudden.


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    Re: Opinions on this Eterna Bumper, please.

    The watch looks OK. As far as the seller goes, I've heard of him before. He's usually overpricing the watches quite badly, has a long history of selling redials, and it looks like he does the Calatrava Houdini.
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    Re: Opinions on this Eterna Bumper, please.

    It's a pretty watch, but the case is not great. From certain angles I'm seeing a lot of brassing, and obviously it has been heavily polished. That would be my main concern. But if that doesn't bother you, then go ahead and place your bids.
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    Re: Opinions on this Eterna Bumper, please.

    I bought a watch from this seller and while the shipping was painfully slow, the watch eventually arrived in the condition as shown in the photos and was original. I ended up returning it when I noticed that the minute hand had been relumed - something I missed in the photos. That said, it was clearly an old re-lume job using tritium and it looked remarkably similar to the radium, so the seller himself may have missed it. I paid a premium for the watch so I wasn't willing it keep it. When I mentioned this to the seller, he offered a partial refund or a return. I opted for the return.

    So my experience with this seller was positive overall. I believe he lists these watches at a premium and when/if they don't sell after a period of time, he switches over to auction format. I'm guessing he picks these up relatively cheaply and makes a good bit selling into the Western European and US market.

    For what it's worth, I would buy from him again. Just review the photos carefully and know that shipping will take about a month to the US.

    When I was looking into his legitimacy as a seller, I managed to track down his Instagram page (in case you're interested or you spot any red flags): https://www.instagram.com/eantiquess...watches/?hl=bn

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