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    Opportunity to Purchase Rockford Pocket Watch

    Hello, everyone,

    I have the opportunity to purchase this Rockford Watch Co. pocket watch. I'm pretty new to all this , so bear with me. I'm not sure about value. I've done some research online. I have yet to see the watch in person, but I will later this afternoon, and I am meeting the seller at a watchmaker's shop, so I will have a professional opinion available. But I'm still curious as to what members of this forum might think. If the watch is running, but not keeping great time, I could see spending $20. If it is keeping time, perhaps $40? Not really sure. Comparable watches from the same company seem to sell on eBay (I know, I know) for around $10-$20. These are the only 2 photos the seller has sent so far. But, like I said, I will see the watch in person this afternoon. The seller also has an Ingersoll, and what he says is an Elgin, although I don't see the Elgin signature anywhere on the dial. I appreciate any feedback.

    The Rockford
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    Re: Opportunity to Purchase Rockford Pocket Watch

    We don't give valuations on this forum, but I will say that if it were me and it were reasonably priced, I'd buy the Rockford for the case alone. I've always been really drawn to the "mixed metal" gold filled/sterling silver with multi-colored inserts. Based on the dial, you'll probably find a 15j watch in it, but by all means post a movement photo.

    The watch with the unsigned dial COULD be an Elgin-a look at the movement would tell it clearly. Again, the case is good but 12 size watches don't bring big dollars.

    I would only get the Ingersoll if I could get it thrown in with the other two.
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    Re: Opportunity to Purchase Rockford Pocket Watch

    jiredell...I'm with Ben: the Rockford is something I reckon many folks would like to have...I certainly would!

    Servicing should be pretty easy, & there are many folks who are very good at working on these Old Watches...and, at reasonable prices! Michael.

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