Orient Pocket Watch: Model CDD00001W
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Thread: Orient Pocket Watch: Model CDD00001W

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    Orient Pocket Watch: Model CDD00001W

    Orient Pocket Watch: Model CDD00001W

    - Stainless steel case and chain
    - 40mm diameter
    - 11.4mm thick
    - 50m WR
    - Hackable and Hand-windable movement (cal. 48C40)
    - PR indicator
    - Sapphire crystal front and back

    I have loved pocket watches since I was a child; however, the lack of any real modern alternatives has left me, well pocket-watchless. That is until I discovered, rather late, that Orient produced a limited run of these beauties -to showcase a new caliber movement (that was to be debuted in their wrist watches). Luckily, I was able to get one in time before the seller ran out (mine was the last one).

    One of the problems I anticipated with incorporating a pocket watch into daily was their larger statute ... if it is truly is going to be a watch I stick in my pocket -I want it to be small; however, readability is also paramount. Suffice to say, 40mm is a perfect balance.

    When I opened the box I was truly stunned at how beautiful the Guilloché dial is ... combined with the Breguet style blued steel pomme hands ... probably one of the best dials Orient has created to date.

    Anyway, now I am deciding whether or not this is a real possibility ... do I keep the watch? Is utilizing a pocket watch a feasible alternative to a wrist watch? Anyone who has one of these, or is a regular pocket watch user -chime in and lets hear some pocket watch stories

    Also, how do you pocket watch aficionados feel this model compares to the vintage models ... is this a worthy successor?

    Some shots still under wrapping ...
    Click this bar to view the original image of 1024x768px.

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    Re: Orient Pocket Watch: Model CDD00001W

    It certainly looks nice and very stylish. I have no problem with wearing pocket watches - I used to do so regularly (every day in the temperate and cold months) and still do so irregularly. Orient is an excellent make from what I have heard, can't rival the top notch Swiss for accuracy but excellent value for the cash.

    My main problem with that one is the same I have with all modern pocket watches. The movement is too small. On top of that, it has a central seconds hand so that it shows that it is really a wrist watch calibre in a much larger pocket watch case. Even the modern ETA Unitas 6497/6498 movements are almost too small for pocket watches - I prefer movements around 19''' to fill all the available space (the larger the movement, the more accurate, all other things being equal - so no point in wasting the space). Still, at least it isn't a quartz pocket watch (the two should probably be mutually exclusive.....!).

    Hartmut Richter

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