Originality of this Seiko 6105?

Thread: Originality of this Seiko 6105?

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    Originality of this Seiko 6105?

    Posted this over in the Seiko forum but didn't get a response. What are your thoughts on the originality of this diver? Seller claims dial, hands, and lume are all original. And, to be honest, it all looks pretty good to me. The only thing I can spot is that there may be a slight difference in the coloration of the lume on the hands (which show some ever so slight patina near the center) versus that on the hour markers. Should I be concerned?

    Thanks guys!

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    Re: Originality of this Seiko 6105?

    Can't really tell based on pictures without it being "in-hand" and looking at it under a loop, but based on the pictures, it looks pretty good to me.

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    Re: Originality of this Seiko 6105?

    I am definitely not a Seiko expert, but just based on my general observations, I wouldn't be too concerned about the subtle differences in the aging of the lume on hands and dial in this case. Obviously the lume in different places is being exposed to slightly different environments, and the outer part of the hands match the dial pretty well.
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    Re: Originality of this Seiko 6105?

    Here is mine when I got it mines a newer model

    And after relume and service and crystal replacement. Mine still has the original bezel ring the pip was relumed. The crystal been replaced and possible the bezel ring and you never know about relume look at mine. From the case back you can see it was well used so why I thought the stuff that mite be wrong. But if you can get it at the right price then it mite be a good deal.
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    Re: Originality of this Seiko 6105?

    Nice looking watch!

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