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Thread: Oyster?

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    Can anyone tell me anything about this? I've tried looking on-line and there isn't much to search on. All my searches point to Rolex so I'm a little confused. The face just says Oyster under the 12 and Swiss Made around the 6. On the back is a number 321518 near the winder. I really like the feel of this watch... there's some weight to it for it's size. The face is about 24mm across and when you add in the case it's 30mm. The crystal is cracked and scratched. The front of the case looks quite nice. The rear of the case shows quite a bit of pitting. The winder appears to be threaded so that you can push it in and turn it to sort of lock it but the threads don't catch fully so it'll pop back out. The winder works and the watch keeps time!

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    Re: Oyster?

    There's a couple of possibilities. From what I can understand, the Oyster case that Rolex made famous (or is it the other way around?) was originally invented (and owned) by a seperate company called the Oyster Watch case Company. Which clashes a bit with the generally understood notion that Wilsdorf came up with the name himself. Regardless, what you're looking at here is a pretty typical Oyster case, probably with an FHF movement inside. And given the design, it probably post-dates the creation of the Rolex Oyster. 40's, likely. Which means this is probably one of the sub-brands that Rolex sold into certain countries. I've heard that a lot of "Oyster" branded movements were sold into Canada, for instance. Consider it like a Tudor, if you want. Very worth restoring, BTW.

    You might want to post this one over in the Rolex forum too, although it may be a little old for them.
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    Re: Oyster?

    Really a nice find.

    Here's a little info to get you started. Vintage Canadian Rolex Oyster Watches - Yorktime Used and Vintage Watches for Sale

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