Past post with mention of German retailer - HB?
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Thread: Past post with mention of German retailer - HB?

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    Past post with mention of German retailer - HB?

    Hi all

    Have mercy on me… I seem to recall in the last week or so, a reply to someone identifying a watch (don't recall the topic, etc…) wherein a German retailer's name was mentioned, with the letters H and B. But I just can't remember their name now, meant to copy it, but…

    Does this ring a bell for anyone? Trying to track down the 'brand' printed on a German watch (have asked here before to no avail) with the initials 'HB,' which I'm pretty sure must link up.

    Any help much appreciated.

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    Re: Past post with mention of German retailer - HB?

    The only 'HB' of German provenance I'm aware of is Hermann Becker of Pforzheim, but he was in movements rather than watches (

    And then there's 'Haus Bergmann', a cigarette brand (but this is most likely not what you're after )
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    Re: Past post with mention of German retailer - HB?

    Hi Tomcat1960

    Thanks for your reply. I thought I had posted it here before, but don't see the picture in my stored attachments, so here it is again. It's a very pleasing dial, bought from a German seller, hence my thinking about German retailers. I'd said it was "HB," but looking at it again, there's no real suggestion of a "B."

    The movement is a Felsa 465N, so I guess that rules out Hermann Becker. It may well be a presentation watch, printed with the logo of some now-forgotten or obscure company. Still, nice dial, and I believe others thought so at the time. In any event, it was indeed Hermann Becker I had been trying to remember, so many thanks for that.

    Any thoughts welcome, of course.
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    Re: Past post with mention of German retailer - HB?

    There's a few German ones listed by Mikrolisk Mikrolisk - The horological trade mark index if that helps.
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