Pavel Bure 8 Days Pocket Watch ???

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    Pavel Bure 8 Days Pocket Watch ???

    Hi to all,

    I acquired a pocket watch and can't find any info about it. It's configured like travel/automobile watch with crown on 6 o'clock. On dial it's written "Pavel Bure 8 Days", case is Doxa and movement is Brevet. Is this something that is originally made like this or is this something that was customized?

    Photos are in attachment.

    Thanks in advance
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    Re: Pavel Bure 8 Days Pocket Watch ???

    The patent number CH 33236 is for a "watch movement with large power reserve" and was registered to Georges Ducommun (Doxa) in 1905. So the entire thing has been made by Doxa.
    As to the Bure dial, it doesn't look like it could be a replacement, more likely the watch has been simply retailed by Bure.

    As a matter of fact, it's not exactly a pocket watch, since the configuration with the stem at 6 o'clock and no bow for a chain give it away as a travel/car clock.
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    For any inquiries regarding vintage Doxa watches, please read the highlighted text in my vintage Doxa thread. Sorry, but I will not respond to PMs on the matter.

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