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    Perfection W. & D. watch

    Picked up this one today. Dial says Perfection W. & D. Roskopf I believe? The case looks to be silver, there is some type of hallmark on the case near the crown. I was hoping someone can tell me more about it, and most of all, how the heck do you set the time?? It looks to be lever set, but even after tearing it all apart, I can't figure out how it would work. Pulling the lever out seems to engage the proper gears, but there is a gear on the under side of the mainspring barrel that jams up everything. If the design worked, when you try to move the hands, you would be pushing the mainspring barrel in the wrong direction...

    some pics:
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    .. bad news is that somehow, after putting it all back together, I noticed the balance staff had broken! I don't remember doing anything that would have caused it to break, but I must have. :( There is a little nub of it left, maybe the previous owner rigged it to work with that and my "poking around" messed it up.


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    Re: Perfection W. & D. watch

    A nice looking case but yes, from here, it does look like a Roskopf movement. A close up of the escapement would make sure. If it is one, it would hardly be worth getting repaired.....

    Hartmut Richter

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