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    my gruen my wifes not sure what year my wifes is but is a sweet watch any info would be great
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    Re: pics?

    I would guess both Gruens are from the 1950s but JohnF is the expert on them so we'll wait for him.
    The Tissot is from the 1970s.

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    Re: pics?

    Hi -

    All rather battered, to put it mildly.

    The first picture (from left to right): Gruen 460 (18'000 A/h), bumper automatic, Gruen's first automatic calibre, from 1945 onwards, yours is probably early 1950s (I've got basically the same watch). Power reserve ca 30+ hours, Breguet spiral.

    Second picture: Tissot, don't know much about them...

    Third: 21 jewel Gruen ladies' watch, rather battered, typical form late 1950s.

    Fourth: movement is a 28x (either 284 or 289, can't see to be sure), 21 jewel ladies' movement, rather high quality for the time and dimensions.

    Fifth: the face of the first watch, classic Gruen. In really excellent condition, this is a real beauty.

    That said, you should have the Gruens worked on cosmetically: a clean-up and new crystals, as well as clean, oiling, adjusting. They deserve it...

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    Re: pics?

    Ray is right, this Tissot is most likely from the (early?) 70's. If you can get it openened, the movement number could tell you more. But as a first indicator it would help to know, if it has a quick-set of the date by pressing the crown or not. If it has it should be, what I would expect later than '72. It's hard to see the case on your pic, but it should be from sometime between '69 and '75, though.



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