Please Give me some info on this watch (BALL)

Thread: Please Give me some info on this watch (BALL)

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    Please Give me some info on this watch (BALL)

    Hi all, i recently purchased this watch for a a couple bills and was wondering if any of you could give me some info... I know it is a vintage ball watch from 60's-80's... thats about it, inside says Balls Watch company 25 jewels... and that is about it swiss made..... at least that is what the inside says SWiSS. have attached some pictures.

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    Re: Please Give me some info on this watch (BALL)

    My understanding is that Ball was a maker of railroad grade watches. I'm not sure about their entire history or who made their movements, but they played an important part in setting the standards for railway service watches. This watch would have being used in railway service in the US probably within the time frame you stated, not as late as the 80's though. By the 80's you would've most likely had to have the 24 hour markings. Today there is almost no standard for railway watches.
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