Please help assess a pocket watch

Thread: Please help assess a pocket watch

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    Please help assess a pocket watch

    Gold pocket watch 1800 Gabus Guinand Brenets. The arrows with diamonds, rubies mechanism on. Please help me evaluate chasy.Diametr 50 mm.
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    Re: Please help assess a pocket watch

    I'd say it's a Chaux de Fonds style calibre from the 1890s. Nice watch - 19 jewels, anchor escapement, Breguet balance. If you're looking for a valuation for sale, we can't do that here.

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    Re: Please help assess a pocket watch

    I was very interested to see your watch as I have a 21jewel watch with a very similar
    movement which was made by Meylan and Guignard. I thought at first it was by the
    same maker but I note that yours is by a Guignand and not Guignard.

    For an idea of quality of your very fine Swiss watch you can read my thread here.

    Brenets is a municipality in the district of Le Locle in the canton of Neuchâtel, Switzerland.
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