please help identify a pocket watch *newbie*

Thread: please help identify a pocket watch *newbie*

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    please help identify a pocket watch *newbie*

    I really liked this pocketwatch and it was very cheap so i bought it for daily use as it was just freshly reconditioned. I am very curious however who the manufacturer of the movement and as well who made the watch itself. I was told by the seller it was made between 1940 - 45

    Thanks for the help in advance!

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    Re: please help identify a pocket watch *newbie*

    Hi and welcome.

    I can't help I'm afraid - but hopefully someone will come along who can.
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    Re: please help identify a pocket watch *newbie*

    I'd guess it to be earlier then the 40's, going mostly by what I believe is a reference to "1 adjustment" (the 1A on the ratchet wheel), but also because of the older style dial mounting. The use of the word "Rubis" implies that the watch was sold in the European market. The overal look of the watch suggests it was somewhat of a "discount" brand; it's designed to look good and run adequately. The seller may have assumed a 40's date based on the 1946 registration of the trademark by "Manufacture d'Horlogerie Schild & Cie. SA / Graizeley Freres", but there are a couple of other registrations for this name going back to the 1800's, so it's hard to say.


    The movement is clearly a variant of what Ranftt lists as an "Orator":

    He has additional information that links these movements to the aforementioned Graizeley:

    So the 40's dating may be valid.
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