Please help me identify a pocket watch
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Thread: Please help me identify a pocket watch

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    Please help me identify a pocket watch

    I am new in this world of watches, but please, can you help me identify an old pocket watch?

    Under the back cover it has some writtings:

    71 Piccadilly W
    Swiss made

    On the inside of the back cover there is a marking - 0,935 (Sterling silver?), a crown,two lions, some other small simbols an some numbers: 17 and 1659(?)

    Name:  20170607_153813.jpg
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    Maybe the is among you someone who can take a look? I know the quality of the images is poor.
    Thank you for your time

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    Re: Please help me identify a pocket watch

    Welcome to Watchuseek! About all I can say from your description and those photos is that the watch is indeed in a Sterling silver case and that it must be some sort of eight day movement (i.e. needs to be wound only every 8 days). What you can see at the back is a gigantic mainspring that isn't even wound via a crown but instead directly via that butterfly-like thingie on the back that can be raised. It seems to be set via the back too (it lacks a crown altogether).

    Hartmut Richter

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    Re: Please help me identify a pocket watch

    Its like the old joke.

    "See my new clock on the wall? It runs for 8 days without winding!"

    "I dont know how long it will run if I wind it!!"

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    Re: Please help me identify a pocket watch

    As the quality of the images is not the best, could you tell us what's engraved there (1st image), can't decipher it. Nice and interesting timepiece by the way! Haven't seen any of those before.

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    Re: Please help me identify a pocket watch

    I found this similar looking watch, referenced to "Percy Edwards & Co, 71 Picadilly, London", which is probaly the same "Edwards" as yours. Loomes "Watchmakers and Clockmakers of the world" shows "Percy Edwards & co" as being in business from 1895-1901. Percy Edwards & Co., 71 Piccadilly, London, Case No. 1678, 5

    This link shows some advertisements for Percy Edwards, LTD at the same address, along with some additional information (Search for Percy): Silver Forums at

    There's a reason this watch doesn't have a second hand, and its probably because with a mainspring that huge, the accuracy of this device would be all over the place, over the course of the week.
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    Re: Please help me identify a pocket watch

    IT's a 8 day Wath based on a patent CH -496 and CH 6279 ( from C. E. Jacot & Bovy usually build by Louis Rozat since 1893 and sold beyond theit own name "Octomère" but wirh foreign labels as well. Nice watch of those who are on my radar.

    REgards Silke
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