Please, help me with this pocket watch. (pictures inside)
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Thread: Please, help me with this pocket watch. (pictures inside)

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    Please, help me with this pocket watch. (pictures inside)

    I got this pocket watch and I try to find more information about it because I'm a complete amateur with pocket wathes. Can somebody tell me more about this marks, and about value etc...? Thanks...
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    Re: Please, help me with this pocket watch. (pictures inside)

    Welcome to Watchuseek. You have got a slightly weird watch there. For a start, it's obviously an "Ottoman" pocket watch from the late 19th century, made for the turkish market. The arabian (I avoid the term "arabic") numerals on the dial show that for a start. The watch was made for J. Dent of London for further distribution to the turkish market. The movement is a Billodes calibre, made by the company of George Favre-Jacot that is now called Zenith. It appears that inferior copies of this movement were made by other makers so one would have to take a closer look to see whether this is the real thing. Member SilkeN is very experienced with these. The inscriptions on the movement are partly arabic or farsi (persian) and probably relate to the assembler or final distributor. "K.Arabian" has two entries in mikrolisk (, one for Isely & Furer of Le Locle (the town where Zenith are also located so it may well be one of their movements after all), the other for Boghos Arabian of Istanbul who may well be the final distributor.

    Hope that helps a little - others will probably tell you more and be more definite. Search this forum for "Ottoman" or "Billodes", possibly even "J.Dent" and you will find some older threads that will give you more information.

    Hartmut Richter
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    Re: Please, help me with this pocket watch. (pictures inside)

    Mr. Harmut Richter, thank u a lot for your answer and help. Regards,
    Darko Milenkovic.

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