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    Please need watch info

    This is a omega pocket watch. Serial number 3253956 with a 1 below it. Marked brauswetter janos szegeden. No markings, don,t know if silver or gold. Wok like to know age, value, and any other info.Thank you so much for your help. I a doing this on a android take let were do I post the photos. Do not see this anywhere in post. Please include email address and can send you photos.

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    Re: Please need watch info

    Open it up and take some pictures. We don't have a crystal ball here.
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    Re: Please need watch info

    If you want to upload photographs, they have to be <190KB big. After that, just use the third icon from the right in the menu above the text box when typing a new message to upload the pictures. Good luck!

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