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    Question Pocket watch case!

    im having trouble in finding pocket watch cases for my watches, especially size 0! Can anyone tell me where i can find these at a specialized shop or something? ive tried ebay but all there is is 12 16 and 18s... so if anyone could tell me where i could get these small cases it would be of great help to find a home for my small old buddies!

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    Re: Pocket watch case!

    Hi -

    Pocket watch cases will be a custom job, I fear: most pocket watches were worn as is, attached by chain to part of the clothing. I'm sure you're familiar with the picture of a banker with a three-piece suit with a gold chain to his pocket watch... it's even on the cover of the game Monopoly.


    PS: And welcome to the forum! Please feel free to post some pictures of your watches, we loooove pictures.
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    Re: Pocket watch case!

    You could also check these links:
    or find a good watchmaker in your area as they often have networks of parts supply we don't know about. Size 0 is not all that common. Maybe get a junk watch for parts on eBay and use its case.

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