So fresh from finding both those 2 gold pocket watches and being on a pocket watch kick for the last month(where I bought several) I have been looking at pocket watches. I came across a orphaned 16s Illinois Sangamo movement. I suspect that it was in a gold case and the case was scrapped. The movement is complete with its dial and hands. The movement seems to run well (I have not timed it). I will be having it serviced before it is put to use.

As Sangamo watches are true railroad watches and a high grade movement, I have decided to find a case for it so that I will have two Sangamo watches in my collection. It will compliment my gold cased one.

The problem is that I don't know which to get.

The Sangamo is a lever set watch. I need a case with a slot for the lever. However I have been down this route with a Elgin BW Raymond where I got an empty case that was set up for lever set and pendant set. But it seems the cut out for the lever was not at the correct spot for the lever for that watch.

On my gold cased Sangamo the lever is between the 7min and 8 min markers. As this movement is the same model movement as the uncased one, they should be the same(lever position wise)

Is there a type of case I should be looking for for this watch? I have seen several cases for sale but because there is no watch in it, I cannot see where the lever position is in relation to the dial.

I have come across some Bunn Special cases. Will a bunn special case work?

This is a plain sangamo watch that is 16s and not a 17s Special model