Pocket watch case unknown - ID help
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Thread: Pocket watch case unknown - ID help

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    Pocket watch case unknown - ID help

    Hello folks

    This week-end while I was digging a site behind an old abandoned railway station I found the casing of what once was a pocket watch. As I know many connaisseurs lurk around this forum and have helped me in the past identifying my findings I will kindly ask for an ID again as which watch it might have been and the period.
    It seems a cheap chromed piece and is missing a lot.
    Thank you so much

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    Re: Pocket watch case unknown - ID help

    It is obviously a case and part of the movement (top plate) of a "dollar watch". These were cheaply made watches in chromed base metal cases with pin lever movements such as the one I have linked to below. If you find an exact match for the plate (the one in my link is not identical), you would be able to identify the movement and then perhaps also the maker.

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    Hartmut Richter

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    Re: Pocket watch case unknown - ID help

    I would guess it was swiss because it has the Advance Retard as well as Fast Slow
    Plus it looks to be pin set.
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