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Thread: Pocket watch from flea market - restoration?

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    Re: Pocket watch from flea market - restoration?

    Quote Originally Posted by MisterV View Post
    Because I wouldn't expect to find an actual Swiss movement in an old pocket watch bought for 5 bucks at a flea market in Armenia?
    For a vintage pocket watch looking like this, a Swiss movement would be among the first I'd expect. There could be others of course, but a Chinese replacement would be among the least likely. As to the $5... in this case, just blind luck. Congrats.
    The movement looks very new and has clearly been jammed into the watch by someone who just wanted it to run
    Once you start learning more about vintage watches, you'll be trying hard to forget saying anyting like this...

    Anyway, as for the logo on the case, Microlisk gives Geneva Watch Case Co., anciennes maisons J. Dérobert; Gehäusehersteller; 80 Rue de St.-Jean, Genf, Schweiz; registered on 17.7.1934.
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    Re: Pocket watch from flea market - restoration?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ben_hutcherson View Post
    I have always called it the "detent screw."
    Detent screw, setting lever screw, stem release screw - some things just have a few names, not necessarily only one of them being correct. Sometimes it may depend on the location, I guess - even a niche jargon within one language may take different forms, not even from country to country, but from region to region, city to city. Sometimes it simply is a matter of first hearing one of the names from someone, or reading that in a text following a particular version of the jargon.
    Some, though, like a certain Mr. P here, find it amusing to play the know-it-all, and like to insist that others accept their vocabulary of preference as the "proper" or the only correct one.
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    Re: Pocket watch from flea market - restoration?

    Hi there,

    the advanced search in my archive found the movement within a minute:
    bidfun-db Archive: Watch Movements: Parrenin 16'''H4.2

    Thus it is a French movement in a Swiss case (MGBM, Manufacture Genevoise de Boites de Montres) - maybe a mariage, but more likely original, because MGBM cases are spread all over the world, and fitting a movement into a case with a frame is even met with top grade brands.

    Moreover here is another example of a Parrenin movement in an MGBM case:
    bidfun-db Archive: Pocket Watches, Jewelry Watches: 1299: Gents Chronometre Parrenin, ca. 1930

    Regards, Roland Ranfft
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    Re: Pocket watch from flea market - restoration?

    Thank you for the information - surprisingly positive, all in all. I will attempt to speak to the watchmaker again, perhaps he will not be so... dismissive.
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