Pocket Watch Identification
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Thread: Pocket Watch Identification

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    Pocket Watch Identification

    Hey all, haven't been in this neck of the woods before; I have been mostly interested in modern watches since catching the bug that unites us. So what brings me here? I just got my hands on this guy that my grandmother had kicking around. She doesn't know where it came from, how old it is, etc. Wondering if anyone can tell me anything at all about it? It doesn't run, and the second hand has clearly fallen off and is bouncing around the dial, as seen in the pictures. I can't get the case open, which I know would be ideal, but I have zero experience with pocket watches. I can see that the caseback is hinged and that there is a notch which I suspect is meant to open it, but I can't open it with my nail and am not about to take a knife/any other tool to it without knowing what I'm doing. My suspicion is that the dial is not original, as it looks very crisp and clean, and there is no brand/logo inscription at all on the dial. I suspect the caseback engraving will be of greater assistance. But I'll stop talking and let you guys take over, as I am way out of my element here.

    Are these pictures enough for anyone to tell me a bit about this thing, or will I run down to my watchmaker tomorrow and get him to take a look? Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide me.

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    Re: Pocket Watch Identification

    It appears the case was made by Goschler & Cie. / Urania Watch Co.

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    You should show the movement if you hope to identify it.
    You should have a watchmaker install the second hand,
    but you could just stick a razor blade in at about one
    o'clock in front of the case back and gently pop it open.

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    Re: Pocket Watch Identification

    As said, we need to see the movement. It looks like a early 20th century watch case with a pin-set movement. "Railway Time Keeper" is the kind of vague, non-official phrasing that I tend to associate with swiss fakes and other low-cost movements pretending to the grandeur of the American "Railroad Standard" watches though.
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