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    Pocket Watch Identification

    I have a pocket watch from my family estate that I would like help to ID. It has a white roman numbered face with "Chester Jeweler - Lawrence KANS." And it may be Wester or something else because I'm unable to see the first letter as its covered by the hour hand. I could unscrew the back cover and found the following on the movement. "Illinois Watch Co - Springfield Ill- 1091249" The inside cover has in the center "FAHYS _ ORESILVER _ PAT FEB 19th 1884" There is also a number "6402179" and some other markings I can't read. Thanks for your help this is a great site.
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    Re: Pocket Watch Identification

    This watch dates to 1890, and was originally a hunter-case watch, unless I'm very mistaken.
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    Re: Pocket Watch Identification

    The watch has been re-cased from a hunter to an open faced case making it a "sidewinder". I'd date it a few years newer, about 1892.

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    Re: Pocket Watch Identification

    It is an 18s lever set Illinois model 2 with 11 jewels. 77300 units were made beween 1878 and 1897.
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