Pocketwatches, help identifying
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Thread: Pocketwatches, help identifying

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    Pocketwatches, help identifying


    Just just got 3 pocket watches from an old relative, passed down to me from my grandfather. I have earlier gotten some wristwatches from him that i have had restored, but i dont know much about pocketwatches. Can anyone help me with identifying them, if they are valuable i would consider having them restored by a watch maker:

    Watch 1:
    Belonged to my great grandfather, who lived from 1880 - 1945 approx. The watchs is in very good condition, maby it has been restored before? Marked with "GT" on the movement, and "Métal" "806639" on the inside of the back plate. The watch case back is inscibed with his name and "Galonne" "0.800", "806639" and "GT". There is also a small inprint of a ferret like animal.
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    Watch 2:
    In poor condition, rust on arms. Probably says "Y.G. Linder" "Lund"(Lund is the city where he lived", no idea who Y.G. Linder is though. "13866" "AB" is found on the inside of the watch back.
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    Watch 3:
    Bleonged to my grandfather who lived 1920 - 2009. Says "Rymo" and "16130". OK condition.
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    It would be great if anyone could help me with information on these three watches.

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    Re: Pocketwatches, help identifying

    THe worth of the watches is definetly primarily that they are part of the family story, don't eat bread and place. The first one is a Gideon Thomen /Revue 10 jewels movement with cylinder escapement. I guess around 1920, Very nice dial but please change the hands. The hour hand belongs to a Roskopf and both don't match with the nice dial.

    Mikrolisk - The horological trade mark index

    The case is silber with a redgold filling on the side and pendant (Galone). The dustcover: metal.

    The second one is older around 1880/1900. It' a very nice 10 jewel lepine V with 10 rubies and cylinder escapement also. The movement itself is swiss or french orgin and sold by Lund. It's possible tha they just bought a unfinshed ebouche or a complete movement with case. To detect this mostly silver maks help or investigation in your hometown about Lindner.

    THe Rymo (registered 1931) is the youngest one with a 15 jewel lever movement. I'm not sure about the age but it seems that your grandfather get it as he was quite young. Really unsure but I guess not a lot more than 10 years old.

    Regards Silke
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    Re: Pocketwatches, help identifying

    "Rymo" was a brand of Auguste Reymond SA (now ARSA) who at about that time owned the movement maker Unitas. AS such, it should not surprise that the watch has an Unitas movement. Something with a mix of styles between these two (but notice the characteristic shape of the balance cock):

    bidfun-db Archiv: Uhrwerke: Unitas 245

    bidfun-db Archiv: Uhrwerke: Unitas 29

    Hartmut Richter

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