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    Pontiac watches


    I'm starting a new thread on vintage Pontiac watches.

    I invite anyone who's got a Pontiac (the watch not the car) to share pictures of it, or to share information about this Swiss brand which is now defunct but was highly popular in the BENELUX in the 60 and 70s.

    I'm kicking off with pictures of my own Pontiac Nageur, which I like for its pie-pan dial. The dial is actual mono-tone but the light plays tricks on the eye because of the pie-pan shape.

    I believe this watch is an unusual model for Pontiac precisely because of its pie-pan dial. The red colour and shape of the seconds hand gives it a rather sporty look; just what you would expect from a watch named 'nageur': French for swimmer. And, yes, the watch is waterproof, too.

    And, what do you think of the serial number: 1234? How unusual is that?

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    Re: Pontiac watches

    Looks like a nice 1950s watch. I am not surprised that the brand was big in Benelux - Mikrolisk gives it as a brand of "Etablissements A. Kinsbergen SA" of Brussels. I doubt that 1234 is the serial number, it is more likely the reference number or (in rare cases also found) the calibre designation.

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    Re: Pontiac watches

    The brand was indeed founded in Belgium in 1932.
    Pontiac may be dead - or dormant, until somebody decides to revive it - but the spirit somehow lives on in the ventures of the founder's grandson. Read more:History - Watches GMT Chronographs Montre Aviation Watch GMT - powered by MegaraM CMS

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    Re: Pontiac watches

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    This is one I used to own (I sold it, I had too many old watches). It was using an ETA movement. It's called the "Maillot Jaune". The maillot jaune (litteraly the yellow singlet) is a distinctive color code for the "Tour de France", the famous cycling competition.

    I offered my stepfather the "Maillot Arc en Ciel" (Rainbow singlet) which is a very cool mechanical chronograph using a Landeron movement.

    Right now, I'm wearing a late 1990's Pontiac Hydraulica. It's a classic watch using an ETA 2824-2 movement and I own a Pontiac Chronograph Quartz which has a "Submariner" look, but pretty good build quality.
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    Re: Pontiac watches

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    There you go ! This is the Pontiac Chronograph ! The way I acquired it is "family". I like it so my stepfather gave it to me. I'm always amazed bout the quality. When you rotate the bezel, you feel a solid and smooth click.

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    This is my Hydraulica. Simple but I like it.
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    Re: Pontiac watches

    Not in mint condition but i did get it very cheap

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    It as a FHF28 movement that runs well and keeps good time

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    Re: Pontiac watches

    I recently bought my first vintage watch at Adelin in Antwerp.
    A Pontiac Maillot Arc-en-Ciel.

    However, somebody told me it's a fake.

    It seems Pontiac adds stars to indicate the quality of the watch. The maximum number of stars is apparently 3.
    My watch has 4...

    After some internet research, I only found information confirming the 3* story.
    No pictures of Pontiacs with 4 stars and 2 dutch sites on pontiac watches with no mention of 4* watches.

    Can somebody put me at ease or do I have to go back te the store?

    Thank you,
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    Re: Pontiac watches

    Not a fake watch, but possibly a refinished dial. It looks very clean, maybe too clean for a 100 % original dial.
    Maybe others can judge this better, but higher resolution pics would be helpful.
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    Re: Pontiac watches

    @ jancalliauw: yeah, surely a fake. I'll send you my address and will scrap it for you at no extra cost (Yeah, guys, I know you laughed about this one before ... )

    Seriously - a beautiful watch! Don't worry about this three-star thing. Look at mine:

    I had to have it. Of course I had to. Look at its shape

    A decagon, in a sharp, slim chrome-plated case, inspired by ... I don't know: an architectural drawing by Vauban?

    [SIZE=1]Plan of the fortress and city of New Brisach/SIZE]

    The clean, beautiful Peseux 7040 ...

    ... is a very solid, well-marching handwinder which was used, among others, by Girard-Perregeaux (as cal. 091). It makes for a nice, flat watch:

    Note that the crown is signed.


    Before everybody goes over the barrel I'd like to state that the watch is very slim, very light and feels like a piece of origami on my wrist. I love it, seriously, but if this is as good as Pontiac's watch quality ever got, it's little wonder that they are defunct now.

    That said, Jan: your's has four stars and is, imho, of a quality superior to mine. I think, this three-star thing is nonsense, maybe brought up by someone sitting on a box full of tristars

    As we say in Germany: each day a fool rises from his bed Don't let them fool you!

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    Re: Pontiac watches

    I would like to get a new leather strap for my watch. Does anyone know the correct size? I measured it and I think it is 16mm but it could be 15mm as well.


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