PP Pocket watch. True or False?
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Thread: PP Pocket watch. True or False?

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    PP Pocket watch. True or False?

    Hello Guys,

    Need some help identifying this PP PW. I believe it's 1905.
    And most importantly, if this Patek Philippe PW is TRUE or False. A million thanks for the help
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    Re: PP Pocket watch. True or False?

    The movement seems to have a Patek layout alright, the shape of the balance cock and the hairspring stud carrier look correct for Patek.
    That said, nothing about the watch would suggest a fake, at least to me.
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    Re: PP Pocket watch. True or False?

    I'm in agreement that it passes at least on casual inspection to me.

    The only potentially disconcerting thing for me is the space between the case band and the bridges, but the execution of that spacing is absolutely top-notch so it's not raising as many red flags for me as it might otherwise.

    By the way, the overall execution of the movement appears to be exceptional. I tend to think along the lines of "anyone capable of putting together something that good would put their own name on it" which again makes me think it's real.
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    Re: PP Pocket watch. True or False?

    Many Thanks Brothers.

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    Re: PP Pocket watch. True or False?

    Everything seems to be authentic and original. It is also interesting case decorating.
    Very nice watch :)

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    Re: PP Pocket watch. True or False?

    Gold hallmarks looks original Patek's as well, so it's all OK. Good luck with it!
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    Re: PP Pocket watch. True or False?

    I believe the decoration on the case is deliberate. It looks like someone's initials. "S W W", overlapped and enclosed in a square.
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