Project: Building a franken pocketwatch for fun?

Thread: Project: Building a franken pocketwatch for fun?

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    Project: Building a franken pocketwatch for fun?

    I'm wondering if this is something people have done or not. Has anyone built a "franken" watch just for fun? Not to sell it but because you wanted to to. I seen some nice pocket watches but I can't afford them but I do like to build things. If I can figure out which cases go with with dials, movements and hands, would this seem like a good project? I would like to piece together a pocket watch with all the parts that I like since many of the pocket watches I've seen have all the characteristics I like.

    Or is this taboo? I wouldn't want to do something like this without the support of you all.

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    Re: Project: Building a franken pocketwatch for fun?

    Swapping cases and hands wouldn't make it a franken, just not original. Swapping dials is more problematic if the "new" dial makes claims that the movement doesn't support. But all these things are things that would commonly have been changed over the life of the watch anyway.

    Some people will look down on it regardless, but as long as you're happy with it, go to town.
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    Re: Project: Building a franken pocketwatch for fun?

    Nothing is taboo. People only have their various opinions. I think this sounds like a fun project.
    Here's a 1927 Elgin pocketwatch recased in a display back wristwatch. I actually bought it this way, but had it redialed to better match an original Elgin.
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