Quad-Quantity of Quintessential Quality, Quickly Quaffed!
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Thread: Quad-Quantity of Quintessential Quality, Quickly Quaffed!

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    Gift Quad-Quantity of Quintessential Quality, Quickly Quaffed!


    Another "Vintage Sunday" morning for me, with four really sweet older Seikos purchased.

    Not really "in the mail" yet, eh? But I hope Buyee won't let me down!

    #1 1965 Seiko Lord Marvel 5470-0010

    Wow, is this the first release? I thought the Lord Marvel line was a 1966 thing?

    UPDATE: Some quick research indicates the Lord Marvel actually started in 1958. It was the Hi-Beat 36,000 bph Lord Marvels that started during 1966.

    Awesome, in any case. (Get it, in "any case"? Woohoo! )

    #2 1960s Seiko Crown 21-jewel J14096

    I have a Seiko Crown already, but it is gold-plated and I liked this silver one in great (cosmetic) condition.

    Suspiciously, no movement shot, but the seller claims it runs well and the crown's time-set function works as well.

    I really like the no day / no date dial, personally.

    #3 1966 Seiko 5 Sportsmatic Deluxe 7619‐7040

    I ended up buying two watches from this seller, who throws the phase "Dead Stock Class" around a lot! I want to say to them that I don't think that means what they think it means!

    I don't think either one of these watches has a genuine Seiko bracelet, for example (but I am not an expert). But at least the bracelets look to be period-correct, and I like the "beads-of-rice" styling. [Although the second watch has a style I've never seen before, a "bead-of-rice" bracelet, singular! ]

    Anyhow, the first of the two was this 1966 Seiko 5 Sportsmatic Deluxe with the very interesting 7619 movement. An automatic, with a almost unique independent push-button day/date adjustment! A partial push changes the date (which you would do often) and a full push inward will change the day (which you would not do often).

    So, (I can see an engineer thinking) if you wore it regularly, you should never have to "open" the crown! And I thought this example was in beautiful condition, if not quite "Dead Stock Class"!!

    #4 1965 Seiko 5 Sportsmatic 6619-8030

    Yet another purchase partially justified by the watch being the "birth year" of one of my brothers!

    You know, so if I end up not liking it, I could always make it a gift! NOT HAPPENING!

    And what a beautiful example, don't you think? Maybe not quite as fancy and complicated as the previous Sportsmatic Deluxe 7619‐7040 but still with a quality 6619 engine.

    Now. Weren't those pretty darn cool?

    I certainly thought so! I may have spent more than an accountant would agree with, but besides watches, guns, pens, camera gear, expensive dress shirts, motorcycles, quirky hats, Tanto knives, gourmet food (, my family) and luxury cars, I don't have much use for money!

    - Thomas

    P.S. Did you notice I posted four images for each watch? Which is 16 total, WHICH IS 4 SQUARED!?!? Yet another "quad" property to this whole episode!!

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    Re: Quad-Quantity of Quintessential Quality, Quickly Quaffed!

    You really splurged on some fine Seikos! All great looking examples!

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    Re: Quad-Quantity of Quintessential Quality, Quickly Quaffed!

    Nice, all of them. Especially the Lord Marvel.

    The bracelets on the two 5s are nice, although Seiko never got these things right... I still have a 1983 Seiko 5 in my "things to fix someday" drawer - I took it off the "jubilee" bracelet that it had, as that contraption was certifiably dreadful. Every time I see a more intricate - Jubilee or not - Seiko bracelet, I am reminded of how the bracelet on that 5 was pulling hair. Every move of the watch on the wrist was accompanied by an "ouch!", and possibly a few less polite exclamations as well...
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    Re: Quad-Quantity of Quintessential Quality, Quickly Quaffed!

    Why does the 2nd one say Seiico Crown, not Seiko Crown on the case back. I'm no expert, just curios
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    Re: Quad-Quantity of Quintessential Quality, Quickly Quaffed!


    Quote Originally Posted by tinknocker View Post
    Why does the 2nd one say Seiico Crown, not Seiko Crown on the case back.

    I am thinking either that second "i" and the "c" are really a stylized "k" (see? like how lc looks sorta like a k), or maybe the watch is a fake!!

    - Thomas

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