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    Question about old Movado

    Hi everybody! this is my first post.
    I´ve just bought an old Movado watch.
    It depicts the "hammer with handle" mark, with a "124" in it.
    I was checking hallmarks, if it were just a "hammer hear" it would be Cartier manufactured, but the hammer with the handle seems to be a mystery and as far as I read there are only two numbers known up to know inside this mark .
    You can see the photos, I don´t know who was the "monster" that damaged the back´s case.
    But the marks are there.
    The watch is dirty but running perfect.
    In the movement I´ve found no numbers, just an "anchor" mark that I hope you can see in the photos
    So may be you can help me identifying the maker´s mark and the caliber of this watch.
    Let´s assume it were a Cartier case, did Cartier produce cases for other manufacturers?
    Sorry by the picture¨s quality.

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    Re: Question about old Movado

    The "hammer with handle" mystery (Copyright © David Boettcher 2006 - 2016 all rights reserved)

    "An official description of the meaning and use of each of the marks that was supplied to me in 2011 by USH-APIC contains no reference to mark No. 2, the hammer with handle. Unfortunately this description is not dated.The hammer with handle mark is rather interesting because there are only two numbers listed in the 1934 list, 115 and 160. This seems to imply that there must have been a large number of companies with this mark at one time, but that they had all gone out of business before 1934. It seems unlikely that such a large number of companies would have gone out of business in 10 years and therefore I suspect that something else happened, but I don't know what.
    I have a Stauffer & Co. watch with the Hammer with Handle mark shown to the right. The watch case is 9 carat gold and has Glasgow import hallmarks for 1926 / 1927, further evidence that the Poinçon de Maître registration system was in use before 1934. As you can see it has a number 180 on the hammer head, but there is no record in the 1934 list of a company using this symbol with the number 180, so the maker of this case must have gone out of business between 1926 / 27 when this case was made and 1934 when the central list was compiled.
    I asked USH-APIC and the Swiss Central Office for Precious Metal Control about this, but they have no records prior to 1934. If the numbers were issued consecutively starting with 1, like for the other marks, there may have been up to 180 companies, and possibly more, using the hammer with handle mark registered with the Cantonal Authorities outside Geneva in the mid 1920s when the Poinçon de Maître registration system was introduced.
    If you have an example of a Poinçon de Maître of the hammer with handle that is not either 115 or 160, please let me know so that I can add the "unknown" manufacturers to the list. One day this might lead to something."

    As to the Queen's head hallmark in the case, that's odd, because it appears to be quite modern, out of sync with the age of the case. And the movement wouldn't appear at a quick glance to actually be a Movado movement, but I invite you to research it on the Ranfft website, using the advanced search function. The dial looks to my eye to be a modern refinish, not a vintage dial.

    All in all, it has the appearance of a collection of parts, rather than a 'Movado' watch, at least as it seems with the information you've sent in.
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    Re: Question about old Movado

    Hi Habitant, thanks for your answer.
    The queen´s head is vey old, has much ware, may be I could get better pictures, now it that dies´t match with the hammer and handle mark, I have no idea...
    Anyway there´s a discovery, because the information you copied is the only one available up to now, just "115" and "160" are the only two numbers found.
    Mine is 124.
    About the caliber, I have to learn more, because I could´t get through the first page on Ranfft website!.
    I agree with the dial, it seems to be "reworked". or repainted.
    Let´s find which caliber it is and what means that anchor to see if I arrive to any conclusion,

    Thanks a lot!

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    Re: Question about old Movado

    Hi Habitant: I´ve just found this link, this guy has a similar case withe the same hallmarks, Helvetia seems to be ok.
    I have also found a hallmark on one side of my case, but up to know could´nt make a pic with macro, I keep trying
    Look please at glycintennial(dot)com/collection(dot)php

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