Questions regaring two watches
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Thread: Questions regaring two watches

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    Questions regaring two watches

    First I would like to say that I am sorry if this is not the correct place to post this thread. Today, after cleaning some old things at home, I've stumbled across these two watches, so I figured that I have to ask someone who has some experience in this field, because I am absolutely clueless.

    1. Name:  watch1.jpg
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Size:  62.1 KBName:  watch2.jpg
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Size:  190.2 KBName:  watch3.jpg
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Size:  21.2 KB - This is the first watch. I've tried to Google search, however, I failed to find an accurate answer.

    2. Name:  Chasovnik1.jpg
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Size:  26.6 KBName:  chasovnik 2.jpg
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Size:  407.1 KBName:  chasovnik 3.jpg
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Size:  30.1 KB - This is the second watch. Same as the previous one, I had no success in finding anything about it.

    Both of those watches are gold. I would like to know if they have any bigger value compared to the material itself (for example - are they limited editions, very old {considering that the one has 1897 on the back.., etc. ).

    Kind regards

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    Re: Questions regaring two watches

    You should find more information about either watch if you post this in the Vintage & Pocket Watches thread -

    You won't get any information about value. That is not done here -

    However, most on this forum would probably recommend to keep the watch as a whole, instead of scrapping it for parts.
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    Re: Questions regaring two watches

    Moved. Newbies are kindly invited to familiarize with our fora prior to posting.
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    Re: Questions regaring two watches

    Can you post pictures of the movement?

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    Re: Questions regaring two watches

    Welcome to Watchuseek! Those are two interesting watches, however, it would be advantageous to see the insides of both, particularly the former one. The Tissot was made by the company that still exists under that name and is located in Le Locle. Their watches are quite commonly found in the lower middle class watch stores (at least here in Germany). Not too pricey and good value for what they offer. They sold quite a few watches in Russia and this one may have found its way there, as shown by the watch fob with cyryllic lettering.

    The first watch was not made in 1897, that is simply the date that the company won a medal at some exhibition and commemorated this on their watches for quite some time thereafter (although the way the watch looks, it doesn't seem to have been all that long thereafter). "Diomede" was a brand of the case and dial maker Beyersdorf Freres of La Chaux de Fonds that was later taken over by the company that made "Rotary" watches (you see their products on fleabay from the 1960s and 1970s). The watch seems to be of decent quality: it has a Breguet hairspring and jewels in chatons (i.e. the rubies in which the gears are set to minimise friction are not pressed directly into the movement but have gold fittings that are screwed down).

    Hartmut Richter
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