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    Quick fake check

    I feel like I may have a steal of the century here, and normally these things do not happen to me.
    I was given these pictures from a coworker who knows I like watches. Long story short he went to a customer's house and this customer wants to sell these watches.
    Currently I am only able to get these photos (the working on getting more), but before I make the rather lengthy travel to review them in person I wanted to see if it passed your guys smell test as I am not vintage expert by any length.
    Currently I am asking for a history of the watches and how he got them, no answer yet.

    But, here are the pictures :

    Can anyone give some insight here?

    Thank you
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    Re: Quick fake check

    The Rolex and the Breitling both have my spidey senses tingling. The omega, at best, looks like it could be a redial. It is hard to tell with such bad pictures. The lume dots on the Rolex look wrong to me. I say run away the lume dots look wonky on each one.

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    Re: Quick fake check

    I agree with @cd1963. The photos are terrible, but I'm pretty sure the Rolex is just a fake; the lume dots are bad and the "SWISS" lettering at bottom does not look right. All I can say about the Breitling is that the hands are wrong; I really can't see the dial at all. For the Omega, there is enough sloppiness to say that it is at least a re-dial, but I can't say more.
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    Re: Quick fake check

    Rolex is fake

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