Random Vintage Watch Sighting
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Thread: Random Vintage Watch Sighting

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    Random Vintage Watch Sighting

    Was at work-related training this week, surrounded by a bunch of engineers from all over the state. Something small and gold catches my eye on the wrist of the gentleman to my right. I look closer and read "Bulova 23 Jewels Selfwinding". It looked to be in very good condition and was on a period-correct expansion band. I was surprised to say the least.

    First break, I simply say to him, "Nice watch. Do you collect them?" His response, "Thanks. I only have this one. I like it because it doesn't need a battery."

    We proceed to have a short conversation in which I find out he's not that into watches and the one he's wearing isn't an heirloom or sentimental piece. He asks if I collect and I tell him how I'm working on a little collection of electrically-powered oddities. He politely nods.

    I was really surprised that someone with such a nice vintage piece wasn't a WIS. Looks can be deceiving and all that.
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    Re: Random Vintage Watch Sighting

    Yes, interesting. I'm sure that you know engineers are an eclectic bunch, you never know what appeals to them. I say this with respect, as I have a technical background as well.
    Maybe the appeal was just simple practicality.
    Doesn't have to be any more complicated than that

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    Re: Random Vintage Watch Sighting

    Or maybe he just isn't a collector yet. I'm sure a lot of us started off with just one that we bought because it appealed to us with no intention of getting any more, I know that's how I started.
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