Rare LIP T.C. (pocket watch)

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    Rare LIP T.C. (pocket watch)

    Hello greetings from Sofia ,Bulgaria.Could you please help me with identifying this old LIP Pocket watch that i found in my grandpa items.He used to be a semi-pro watch repair man.He told me that i can sell it but have no idea what is the value of it... Name:  20150727_183911.jpg
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    As you can see the ballance is missing and the glass have seen better days...but i was not able to find the same pocket watch in the internet.I found only lip type courante wich looks a lot like this one.So i would appreciate any help.

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    Re: Rare LIP T.C. (pocket watch)

    Well, the movement seems to be related to this one:
    bidfun-db Archive: Watch Movements: Lip 40.2
    The problem is, that the Ranfft archive lists only the open-face LIP movements, and this one is obviously a "hunter" calibre (stem at 3). So, I'm unable to give you the exact calibre number.
    The balance cock should be the same though. If the entire part is missing, then finding a de-cased donor movement might be the only option. Depends on whether a stash of spare parts for LIP PW movements exists or not. Measure the diameter of the movement, and wait for the right donor movement to show up on eBay.
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