Real or Fake? Bilbodes Ottoman Pocket Watch
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Thread: Real or Fake? Bilbodes Ottoman Pocket Watch

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    Real or Fake? Bilbodes Ottoman Pocket Watch

    Hi people of Watchuseek! I am trying to buy this pocket watch from a guy who bought this vintage timepiece from a turkish flee market. I am not familiar with vintage pocket watches so I need your help! Is this beautiful timepiece a real or a fake? Thanks. Name:  Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 5.50.48 PM.jpg
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    Re: Real or Fake? Bilbodes Ottoman Pocket Watch

    Billodes was the diversified brand of Zenith, George Favre Jacot, especially in the Ottoman geography back then. Serkisoff in Constantinople was the retailer of this brand.

    Silke and Hartmut are pretty well educated about this brand and its products they could tell you more.

    The hallmarks on the case was a popular trick for that market,they are fake. I mean vintage fake:)And this is how these watches were sold back then. English timepieces were higher grade at that time and the Swiss came up with these fake marks which look like British import marks, sponsor and town marks.It's an era where the Swiss ( except the big houses ) were trying to get market share everywhere and didn't hesitate to fake names and hallmarks.Similar things were done also in the American market where they came up with contradictorily names which resembles the big watchmakers of America ( Hampden/Hampton,Elgin/Elfin,Illinois Bunn Special/Benn Special... )

    Otherwise it is a nice vintage watch,reflecting its timeline.The condition of the case is as you see. Otherwise these are regular timepieces for the Turkish market from that era and they surface pretty often.If it's not at a bargain price, you could find them in better condition in the future.
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    Real or Fake? Bilbodes Ottoman Pocket Watch

    Hi Zilean. If you try a search in this forum you will throw up quite a few threads on these. In summary no it isn't a modern fake. Yes it is an old fake. Given the quality can be low you should educate yourself before buying and also check eBay as these crop up quite a lot and don't put too much faith in romantic stories about its history and purchase.

    Edit: Emre put it much better.
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