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Thread: Real or Fake Vintage Patek Philippe???

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    Re: Real or Fake Vintage Patek Philippe???

    Quote Originally Posted by ColdNY View Post
    Thanks! Very proud of this and excited to move forward with service with Patek. Sounds like it will take a while, but will be well worth it. I plan to pass this down to my son, with some type of documentation that it's legit (so he doesn't stir up such a conversation as my post has on a similar forum!).

    Thanks again for your help and advice, I truly appreciate it.
    Pateks service costs have increased sharply in the last 5 years.

    I would order an extract from them and have the watch serviced locally.

    Do some research and find a watchmaker within your state who used to service Pateks before the new policy of factory servicing.

    The service cost at Patek will be about $2500 and a local guy should be able to do it for 500.

    The 3417 without Amagnetic on the dial are less desirable than those with the script... If your not going to wear it I would leave it as it is.

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    Re: Real or Fake Vintage Patek Philippe???

    Quote Originally Posted by AbslomRob View Post
    The main concern with this thread originally was simply that there was very little good evidence (at least until the movement image was added). Everything that would lead you to believe that it might be real could very easily be faked by an enterprising machinist with access to replacement Patek crowns.
    All quite true. But my "spidey sense" that told me it was real from the first photograph, despite the poor crystal. That alone got me 50% there.

    Quote Originally Posted by AbslomRob View Post
    If you don't agree with me, then please feel free to respond with an explanation as to what it was you saw that skewed your opinion so strongly, because I'd love to add to my knowledge (as would, I suspect, many other members).
    See my post below that contained mstanga's online diagnostic guide. Once I saw the picture of the dial and found that the seconds hand was an acceptable shape for this reference, I was 90%+ sure it was right. The fact that the OP doesn't seem to have any interest in selling the watch (after all, it is a family heirloom) gave me more confidence after his jeweler said it was correct. Maybe 95% at that point.

    Then the posting of the movement picture, showing the serial number that slid right into the published table of known specimens along with the presence of the anti-magnetic cover sealed the deal for me.

    That is how I do research online. Isn't always right, but it works most of the time.

    BTW, I was a commenter on the (in)famous $2 Patek back in 2007. People were skeptical then, too.

    TimeZone : Vintage Watches Archive - I did it! I did it!

    Hope this helps,
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    Re: Real or Fake Vintage Patek Philippe???

    Quote Originally Posted by oinkitt View Post
    First, I haven't posted much nor do I write long posts as I find this forum hard to use.

    Everything in life is an educated guess at best.... after all, we could all be in a video game!!!

    I understand what you are saying re less experienced buyers... and agree in general.

    In any activity... I access the risks and act or in this case bid accordingly. The less I am sure of the less I bid.

    I have been collecting all types of what I call, "dead peoples stuff" since I was a child and ive been collecting watches since 1984. The are others that know way more than me but I can hold my own.

    With regards the 3417..... I knew as soon as I saw the first picture. The 3417 was the first Patek I ever bought and I know it well. I have found I have a very good eye for a good thing. The fakers are getting better but they rarely get everything right.

    I do what some might consider highly risky deals... but I say fortune favours the knowledgeable and brave. It has worked well for me over the years. Having said that, I rarely buy or are interested in the highly faked brands... Rolex... Blancpain... etc

    Says the guy who bought this yesterday...

    Crikey..Hope you didn't blow 62K just from that crappy picture....!!!!!.........
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    So many little time.....

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    Re: Real or Fake Vintage Patek Philippe???

    I've just spent a few minutes cleaning up off topic bantering and inappropriate language in this thread.

    Please keep further posts on topic about the(very interesting) watch at hand. I will not hesitate to hand out infractions without discretion if I have to do any further clean-up work here.
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    Re: Real or Fake Vintage Patek Philippe???

    Quote Originally Posted by dom_ View Post
    Lovely, pay up to get it serviced and ditch that horrible bracelet.

    When serviced put it in auction and enjoy the £££'s or if sensible put it in a draw and forget about it for another 20-30 years then auction it for even more. Stainless steel Pateks are rare and have been appreciating it price for some time now.
    How about wearing it and using it to tell the time?

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    Re: Real or Fake Vintage Patek Philippe???

    You have been given your late Grandfathers watch,
    replace the crystal, treasure it and his memory then pass it to your son / grandson when the time comes.
    I wish i could think of something funny to put here.

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