Really old pocket watch value question

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    Really old pocket watch value question

    I was cleaning earlier and came across two pocket watches that were left to me when my Grandfathers died. I was courious if they had any value and was told that it was OK to ask questions of this nature on this forum.

    The older larger watch actually belonged to my great-great-grandfather, and I am told it was purchased in the 1800's. The only markings on it read "Elgin Nat'l. Watch Co." I rember seeing it run when I was a kid (In the 60's) but it only runs now if you hold the key. I had a friend who knows watches look at it and he told me it had a damaged jewel.

    The other smaller watch belonged to my other Grandfather and I do not know when or where he got it. He was and Indiana farmer who was in France and Germany in WWII and since it has foreign language writing on it, he may have brought it back with him from there. It runs, but has a cracked crystal. The Box has "Juwelier Eugen Schwabe - Apolda Brauhof, Ecke Goldgape" on the lid, and inside the rear cover "Cylindre 10 Rubis" is engraved.

    Any information about these watches or their value would be appreciated.
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    Re: Really old pocket watch value question

    We do not give valuations here. Please read our sticky notes for reasons why.
    We can identify the watches for you possibly if you:
    (1) Take detailed photos of the movements.
    (2) For the Elgin give us the serial number off the movement.
    The second watch obviously has a cylinder escapement and a 10 jewel movement. The jeweler who sold it probably was in Apolda Germany.

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    Re: Really old pocket watch value question

    I would agree with that. Apolda is a place in Thüringen (Thuringia) in the southwest of what used to be East Germany. It is a little east of Weimar. The address should probably read "Apolda, Brauhof, Ecke Goldgaße" which translates roughly as "Apolda, Brauhof [=Brewery] street, on the corner with Goldgaße [Gold(en) alley]". The "ß" is actually a German "sz" which is frequently written as "ss" these days. If you look at a Google map of Apolda, you will still find the Brauhof (street) which shares a corner with the Goldgasse. Sadly, I can find no reference to Jeweller Eugen Schwabe so I presume that he's closed down his business.

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