Recta Pocket watch help if poss
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Thread: Recta Pocket watch help if poss

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    Recta Pocket watch help if poss

    Hi all,

    This may be a shot in the dark but I am hoping that somebody may help.

    I came into possession of a recta pocket watch which apparently belonged to a great great uncle of mine. He fought in WW1 and this was his pocket watch.....however I am not sure on the date and would be greatful if somebody may be able to shed some light...
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    Re: Recta Pocket watch help if poss

    That is a GSTP (General Service Trade Pattern) from circa WW2.

    British Horological Institute - Military Watch Information

    Also thought by some to mean "General Service Time Piece" or "General Service Temporary Pattern".

    It's a toss up!

    Cheers, Bob.
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    Re: Recta Pocket watch help if poss

    ...and the movement is even an in house Recta calibre:

    bidfun-db Archiv: Uhrwerke: Recta A2

    Hartmut Richter
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