Regina Watch Co. private label for H.R.Knowlton Atens, Ontario.
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Thread: Regina Watch Co. private label for H.R.Knowlton Atens, Ontario.

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    Regina Watch Co. private label for H.R.Knowlton Atens, Ontario.

    Hi again!

    I found some time to take a closer look on this watch, so here's another movement for you to see.
    It is a 15 jewel Regina Watch Co. (Omega brand for American - mostly Canadian AFAIK - market).

    It's a damaged and recased movement, but it has very nice dial, not bad plates and I bought it cheaply, so… why not having one?

    Firstly - let's have a look at the setting mechanism.
    This movement was made for American market, so it is set up for a male stem in the pendant.

    Name:  DSC00174.JPG
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    As you'll see below - there are two levers, a circular spring and a pusher installed in the female half of the stem.

    Name:  DSC00180_1.jpg
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    It is quite similar to Waltham's design, BTW.
    The 3rd wheel dial side jewel had been crudely replaced and as I was to find out soon, the 3rd pinion is incorrect. It has 8 teeth, while I think it should have 10.
    As a result - the hands move slower than the second hand - the minute hand will not advance a full minute when the second hand already finishes it's cycle.

    At this point, though, I had no idea.

    Name:  DSC00188.JPG
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    The ratchet wheel seems not original too. If so, than this is a functional replacement, in contrast to the pinion...
    The watch has Swiss double roller escapement, Breguet overcoil hairspring and cut bimetallic balance. Good quality…

    Name:  DSC00194.JPG
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    The dial is mounted with three screws on the side of the movement.
    And that's it!

    Name:  DSC00201.JPG
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    Like I said -mint PL dial on this one and lovely set of hands.
    The watch is working, but - like I said - won't keep good time with incorrect 3rd pinion.

    Name:  DSC00202.JPG
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    The movement is a mix of American style design features (like setting mechanism and balance jewels) with Swiss overall looks and finish.

    Name:  DSC00203.JPG
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    It's a good quality movement as well.
    The plating is already wearing off and I think it could have been thicker, though.

    It is recased in Philadelphia Silverode case - the original probably scrapped for gold content.

    I decided to leave it for now, maybe one day I'll find an original 3rd wheel for it.
    I just don't have time to play with this watch anymore and - even though there are plenty of 10 tooth pinions around - I bet finding a correct pinion and fitting it would take hours of work…

    Not worth it, I'll just sit back and wait, one day I will just find an original one to replace, as it's not a very rare model.

    Thank for looking and... good day to you all!
    Have a great day!!!

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    Re: Regina Watch Co. private label for H.R.Knowlton Atens, Ontario.

    The 3rd wheel shouldn't be awfully hard to find - the movement is by Omega alright. Guess you'll just need an "orphaned" Omega donor movement, they surface on eBay every now and then.

    The serial number is also Omega - ca.5.5 million mark would be somewhere between 1910 and 1915. 1913 would be my bet.
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    No, I also think it's nit that difficult to find the wheel. It's just that I don't have as much time for watches as I used to have, so I won't be searching very hard for it. Maybe one day it will appear, though. Many parts I've found, I've found by chance 🙂
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    Have a great day!!!

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