Release dates Casio F-serie watches

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    Release dates Casio F-serie watches

    Good evening,

    For a few months I am addicted to the Casio F-serie watches.
    I have some of them collected, and I have searched for information a lot on the internet.

    Last week I have made this page, hopefully it will be completed in the future:

    My favortes are:



    From some of them I can't find the release date. Does anybody know that dates perhaps?

    The release dates mentioned at Digital Watch Library I doubt sometimes.

    Thank you very much for your replies!

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    Re: Release dates Casio F-serie watches

    In the 80's Casio really put their stamp on the watch industry and more or less made the LCD watch their own. Now days they are more into high tech analog digital watches that are just to heavy on my poor old eyes so I haven't followed them that much but in the 80's they were the brand to have for sure. I think most of us have had a plastic Casio or copy during out lives but this is also the main problem with Casio as most vintage collectors just don't like plastic. Sure there are a lot of more expensive wonderful metal models but they somehow get forgotten and so does their vintage analog models.

    Me I'm into late 70's early 80's LCD watches made by the Swiss manufactures and especially Certina and these watches were very expensive and are rather rare to find today as not that many were sold before the market was flooded with very cheap Asian brands. I have one modern Casio on the workbench right now as the hands need adjusting but what a pain in the neck they are to work on as the hands are controlled by electronics.

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    Here is a early stainless steel 80's Citizen that has everything that made it a classic of it's time. It sold rather well as it was a beauty.

    Name:  P4237592.jpg
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    This is what I love the most though a Certina late 70's model. As I use it myself I haven't bothered cleaning it.

    Then Casio came on line and just pushed these great watches off the planet.

    I seldom sell Casio watches as they either have dead electronics of the plastic cases are broken as they just can't stand the test of time sad to say but please show us some of yours.
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    No one knows the release dates of the specific Casio's?


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    Re: Release dates Casio F-serie watches

    Quote Originally Posted by owok View Post
    Hello all, hello owok

    I'm was surfing on the internet and I've just seen this watch in pre-order in Japan
    (ニュース/プレス|05 | 3月 | 2015 | セイコーネクステージ.式会社)

    The price was too expensive (370$) so I decided to look after another old/vintage watch,
    and I found Casio F-91w and F-105w ...
    Casio vintage are beauty, with attractive price, and durable (7 years)

    Just to say now that I'm really really fan of this brand (CASIO) and more particularly serie F ...
    Hope to help you owok asap, to optimize this list with you and share link if needed !

    Thanks for your list and will post my feedback when I'll receive my first CASIO at home :)

    See you later,

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    Re: Release dates Casio F-serie watches

    Great News,

    just found this amazing link,

    hope it can help ! ...

    Chronology of Main Products - History - Corporate - CASIO

    have a Nice week all !

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    Re: Release dates Casio F-serie watches

    Here is, an amazing link, last was empty !

    Also excel file available thanks to this guy:

    Enjoy :)

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    Re: Release dates Casio F-serie watches

    Welcome to the forum and thanks for the extra information. One of my first watches was a Casio but I haven't worn it in years.....

    Hartmut Richter

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    Re: Release dates Casio F-serie watches

    Thanks Mister !

    Going fast to buy my first casio vintage watch, so I ordered for a F-91w model (more popular)

    and saw the F-84w model just after so I ordered it just after. (japan version, more uncommon)

    Like the F-28w a lot, maybe next purchase :D

    Take care,

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