Revue Sport - worth servicing.

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    Revue Sport - worth servicing.

    I have just joined the forum so I could ask about a watch I have just found. probably ten years a go I bought this watch for R20 ($2) which is what some guy owed the bar where I used to drink. He left it for collateral and never came back. I immediately noticed it was a reasonable watch. I woudn it and if I remember it did not keep time too well back then. I have just found it again and gave it a few twists and it is running and has kept time for the last half hour.

    I have never owned a good watch before so would like some advice as to whether this watch is worth spending money servicing and then I would have to buy a new strap? What sort of strap would have been original - leather no doubt;. Also can anyone give any indication how old this watch might be. It has no sentimental value for me now but if it is worth spending some money on I will certainly make use of it!

    It says REVUE SPORT and SWISS MADE on the front dial. On the back is the following NONMAGNETIC - WATERPROOF - INCABLOC. It also says REVUE SPORT SWISS and serial number is 428943 I will try and attach photos front and rear

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    Apologies about the focus of the rear pic - but it allows one to read all the info

    So in revue (sorry could not help myself)

    Watch runs but I think it lost time so will need a service -probably needs a service anyways
    Has been in a cupboard for probably ten years unwound
    Is it worth servicing? It will be used as my regular watch in that case.

    Update - ok it has been running for less than an hour and is already 5 minutes behind time - so that information might help as I am not sure if that indicates a more serious problem than losing less time!


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    Re: Revue Sport - worth servicing.

    Very nice, definetely worth keeping, although the dial seemingly has some damage! Style of dial and hands point to late 50ies / early 60ies, but I can be mistaken. I don't know what You pay for a service in South Africa. Note that the movement might also been worn out - in case You need a lot of spare parts, I would not have it repaired (cost exceeds value of the watch). The watchmaker will tell You, what needs to be done.

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    Re: Revue Sport - worth servicing.

    +1...Looks solidly 1950s to early 1960s. Let the watchmaker check it out and give you an estimate. I know nothing about the brand. Good story to go with the watch though.

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    Re: Revue Sport - worth servicing.

    That's a nice watch. In case you didn't know, Revue refers to Revue Thommen, a comnpany still in existence (by no means normal in this business!). They used their own movemens (many companies use generic movements) so that puts them slightly above the run-of-the-mill products. Unless there is serious damage - and it doesn't sound like it - it should be worth having the watch serviced.

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    Re: Revue Sport - worth servicing.

    As for my advice - my every watch was worth servicing, and more than often (especially with vintage kind) servicing was way more expensive than the watch itself. For me the whole idea of watch is to keep good time. It's nice to convert 2 quid worth of cogs and springs into a timepiece.

    The watch one is wearing ranks slightly below the material ones socks are made of in terms of how it impacts ones impression on others.

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