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    roamer anfibio date

    Hi All,

    I have a Roamer Anfibio Date which belonged to my grandfather.

    was wondering if anyone can give me some info on it?

    it doesnt apper to be in fantastic condition - dirty scratched etc however it keeps okay time.

    it is marked on the back with model # 430 1230 012.

    would love to find out all i can......

    thanks and regards,


    also have an old gold Cyma Cymaflex Navystar which i will put up separately.
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    Re: roamer anfibio date

    Roamer was founded in 1888 by Fritz Meyer at Solothurn/Switzerland. When starting up the business Roamer produced parts only, In 1905 the name changed into Meyer & Stüdeli and they started to produce cylinder clocks. Their brand name at that time was MEDANA. In the 50ties 3000 watches per day left the plant.
    Your Anfibio is a watch out of the 60ties/70ties. From time to time Roamer Anfibio watches pop up on ebay. Quite an intersting witness of time.

    (pics by artoftime)

    I f I remember right a frequent poster here - Axel66 - used to own one.

    Movement supposed to be a MST (former supplier of Roamer Watches).

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    Re: roamer anfibio date


    Mike is right, I own a couple of Roamers. This one is also marked as Anfibio:

    But to come back to yours:
    Normally the 430 in the model number indicates the movement:
    Yours should be from the late 60s considering the style.
    0riginally the models from that time had signed crowns and signed acrylic chrystals.
    The watches have a container housing. You can press out chrystal and movement to the back. than you could chip of the acrylic, pull out the crown with one half of the splitted stem and then take out the movement, all without a tool.


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    Re: roamer anfibio date

    As far as I know, MST (Meyer & Stüdeli) were not "former suppliers" of Roamer, they owned the company! MST made movements (ebauches) for other watch companies but, unlike FHF, Venus, etc. also made watches with these movements and marketed them under the name "Roamer". In 1952, they changed their name and the whole works adopted "Roamer Watch Co." as the company name.

    Hartmut Richter

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