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    Rolling eyes Rolex Unicorn debate

    Posted this before on the Rolex forum...but I think that was the wrong area...didn't get any responses.

    Hello All-

    Currently I'm in a debate with a friend. They recently bought this Unicorn off of Eeeek-bay.
    OLD ROLEX UNICORN WATCH UNUSUAL DIAL parts or restore - eBay (item 220700848298 end time Nov-30-10 02:42:31 PST)

    The seller is claiming it to be a genuine Rolex Unicorn...I took one look at it and dated it to late 40's, 50's because of the style of the dial not being in character with the 30's. Also...the Incabloc movement which was created in 1934, which is after Rolex released its connection with Unicorn (from what I have read)...

    My friend received this from the seller before they bought it...

    In the 1920's Rolex produced the 'Unicorn' brand specially for the Australian market.
    It was meant to be sold and marketed at a cheap and reliable timepiece.
    During this period of time, Rolex still supply the movements and watch case for the 'Unicorn' watch.
    That's why you still find the early 'Unicorn' watch still bears the Rolex movements and case.

    Unfortunately after a period of time, Rolex deemed it's too expensive. So they decided to source movements from other companies and made 'Handley' (watch case manufacturer from Australia) to be their supplier of their cases.By this time,1930's they only use15 jewels movement. Some are stamped with the 'Unicorn' trademark while most are not.

    In Australia, two of the biggest jewellery company sold Rolex watches with their company's name on the dial instead of the Rolex name and crown logo.

    Personally....I disagree. But, sometimes friends just don't listen....but for my own curiosity....

    Anyone else vote with me?

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    Re: Rolex Unicorn debate

    look like its from the 50s and has an AS movement very similar to the AS 1187/94 movement.
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    Re: Rolex Unicorn debate

    Yep. That is a 1950s watch. From my rather poor memory by the time of this watch Unicorn was being used as a brand by A.Schild.

    I am afraid your friend got ripped off - by a factor of 7.
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    Re: Rolex Unicorn debate

    Thanks for your input everyone =).

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