Saw a fascinating watch on bay thought id mention it

Thread: Saw a fascinating watch on bay thought id mention it

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    Saw a fascinating watch on bay thought id mention it

    First a disclaimer: Im in no way involved in this company. And onward, Im sure Im not alone in just looking around the bay. I stumbled on this, #250633261485. The brand name is called by the dealer Sen-O-Rock, which pulled up nothing here. Im not sure that its correct. Maybe the watch is commonplace, but I think not. Sorry Moderator, if this is inappropriate. Firstly, I wanted to share what I thought was a neat watch and secondly I would love to hear if any one knows anything about this watch. Thats all folks.

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    Re: Saw a fascinating watch on bay thought id mention it

    1 - Its okay. Rule 5: Linking to live auctions is permitted for discussion purposes only. Links to incorrect, misleading or fraudulent auctions are also permitted, provided that the sole intention is to warn other members. Links posted by the seller will be treated as sales posts and immediately deleted. There is a special eBay forum to announce your eBay auctions.

    So unless we suspect a link is being used to promote a particular listing by yourself, or for a friend, its fine. Its always best to make it clear that you have no connection with the listing. If its someone's first post in here, we very get suspicious.

    2 - It is indeed very interesting. I can find no trace of the brand - nothing new there. The faceted crystal looks to be glass and is very nice indeed. A very ornate case with a Spanish/Mexican look to my eyes.
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