Scratches removed from vintage watch, and some questions
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Thread: Scratches removed from vintage watch, and some questions

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    Scratches removed from vintage watch, and some questions

    Just want to share again. Scratches were deep so toothpaste alone wasn't able to do the job.
    My tools :
    Sand paper 1200 grit.
    Soft towel.
    Old Toothbrush optional to sweep away acrylic dust.

    One very important thing to consider - after sanding, the acrylic feel smooth but will look dull. If you wipe it with a wet cloth, the dullness will disappear for a few seconds and then come back. This is where the toothpaste and towel come in. Place towel on table. Apply a pea size amount of toothpaste on towel. Hold watch with dial/acrylic crystal face down, press it against the toothpaste that is on the towel, then move it back and forth. The added weight of your hand and forearm makes the polishing more efficient and effective.

    1. What exactly does polishing with toothpaste does? Or rather how is it able to make the acrylic clear again after sanding? I don't quite understand the principle.

    2. Is this method effective with mineral glass too?

    Now for the pics! First two pics are the before, then third and fourth are the after.


    Don't forget to answer my two questions please. Thanks much!

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    Re: Scratches removed from vintage watch, and some questions

    1. The toothpaste has fine clay particles in it that act like a very fine-grit sandpaper. The scratches go from 1200 grit to "too small to see". Bonus minty freshness.

    2. No idea.
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    Re: Scratches removed from vintage watch, and some questions

    This general approach will work on mineral glass as well, although more effort is involved. Mineral glass is harder than acrylic, so it takes more effort to remove the material. You might have to rinse and replace the toothpaste (or other polishing compound) several times. The standard approach is to use polishing compounds with gradually finer grit, cleaning carefully between each one. Toothpaste is only used because it is convenient and you already have it in the house, but polishing coupound is not expensive.
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    Re: Scratches removed from vintage watch, and some questions

    I buy small packs of 600 grit to 12000 grit wet sand paper from hobby stores. Then I will finish them off with Maas polish. Brings acrylic back from the grave and looks new. Works on mineral but like was stated, it takes a bit longer on the process.
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    Re: Scratches removed from vintage watch, and some questions

    I like to use Brasso for final polishing it has worked really well for me.
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