Seeking Info on A. LeCoultre watch. I'm puzzled?

Thread: Seeking Info on A. LeCoultre watch. I'm puzzled?

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    Seeking Info on A. LeCoultre watch. I'm puzzled?

    Hello everyone. I'm new to the site and I was looking for some information on this little watch I found.

    Here's everything I was able to dig up on my own research, but I still have a few questions.
    I apoligize for the poor pic, but its the best I could do at the moment. Below the 11,12,and 1 oclock position on he dial face are A. LeCoultre. The back of the watch is clean, no markings. On the inside of the back cover are the words "Wadsworth, Pilot,and Quality" with a serial # 5234480.
    On the movement itself is A. LeCoultre and swiss. Also it appears that there's 15 jewels,and 3 adjustments. Also on the back inside cover, there are different set's of numbers that are very lightly engraved.(extremely hard to read) I would guess that these are cleaning or repair dates? I would like to know more history and age and value if any? I can tell you we found this at a garage sale for .50 wasn't a band with it, but from what I've seen on Ebay, it looks like there would have been a braided rope/thread band. From what I found about Wadsworth, I think the case is gf (gold filled). I haven't done any testing on it though. The other thing I was curious about was the actual number orientation on the dial face. Was this done so you could read it from multiple angles???
    Any help would be greatly appreciated......

    *I orginally posted this in the public forum. I think this is closer to the forun that I was looking for.
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    Re: Seeking Info on A. LeCoultre watch. I'm puzzled?

    I can't really see much of the face of the watch from the picture provided. However, I can tell you that this watch pre-dates the merger of the Jaeger and LeCoultre watch companies, which occurred in 1937. Watches marked "A. LeCoultre" were generally made by Blancpain in Switzerland. Before you start seeing dollar signs, understand that at that time, neither the Blancpain nor A. LeCoultre brands had the cache hey would acquire in later years.

    From your description, this is a Swiss movement mated to a US made Wadsworth case. This was basically a decent (but not superstar) quality watch that was likely originally sold in the USA.

    Certainly worth more than the 50 cents paid,

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    Re: Seeking Info on A. LeCoultre watch. I'm puzzled?

    Thank you for the info.

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    Re: Seeking Info on A. LeCoultre watch. I'm puzzled?

    We had a similar thread here about these A. LeCoultre timepieces. As gatorcpa mentioned, their pendant and ladies wrist watches were casing Glycine or Blancpain movements.The movements are generally marked, do you see another maker's name?

    I believe that, the ones with Glycine are dating earlier then with Blancpain movements.Glycine Cal 23 and/or 24 were generally utilized in those to the US exported watches.

    Here are some examples from A.LeCoultre with both movements:

    Name:  lcgy3.jpg
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    Name:  ALeCoultre&Blancpain.JPG
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    Name:  ldisap4.jpg
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    And a Glycine with the same movement, dial also signed Glycine, cased by Wadsworth:

    Name:  g1.jpg
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