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    Seeking Info re: Besancon Pocket Watch

    Hello to all. I'm new here and I am seeking information about a lovely pocket watch we've recently acquired. It is a large pocket watch with "Besancon" stamped on the face and it is additionally marked "Depose Argentan". It has a lovely floral motif. I am unable to find any information online specifically about these marks.

    What I have determined:

    - Besancon is a region in Europe with a watch-making industry that was backed by the government.
    - depose means patent granted for exclusive jewelry design in France
    - Argentan may refer to the metal the watch case is made of; a swiss silverine or nickleoid

    What I'm hoping to learn:
    - does "Besancon" refer to the watch maker?
    - in what time period was it produced?
    - any idea of value?

    Here is a pic for your reference (and thanks so much for taking the time to help me! Happy New Year!):

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    Re: Seeking Info re: Besancon Pocket Watch

    Thanks for posting and welcome. Please read our sticky notes on Watch ID and valuation. We do not give valuations in this forum.
    We usually need a picture of the movement to give any sort of ID. Having said this my initial guess would be the 1890s based on the setting mechanism and the hands.

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    Re: Seeking Info re: Besancon Pocket Watch

    The lack of a second hand and the general style make me suspect it's a prettied up Roskopf style watch.
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    Re: Seeking Info re: Besancon Pocket Watch

    Bescanson used to be the center of French watchmaking in France Comte. It's now moved to the little village of Charquemont close to the Swiss border as Bescanson is also.

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    Re: Seeking Info re: Besancon Pocket Watch

    You need to show us the watch's movement.

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