Seeking info on watchmaker: Albert Jean Lou

Thread: Seeking info on watchmaker: Albert Jean Lou

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    Seeking info on watchmaker: Albert Jean Lou

    My aunt gave me a wristwatch that belonged to my grandfather and I know nothing about the watch or its maker. An extensive Google search produced no information on the watchmaker. The front of the watch says “Albert Jean Lou” or possibly “Leu” and the back of the watch says Swiss Made and a patent number. Searches for the patent number did not produce any results, so I am left with just the name. I have a couple of photos of the watch if that would help.

    Anyone have information about this watch and its maker?

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    Re: Seeking info on watchmaker: Albert Jean Lou

    so many Alberts in watchmaking:) if its a maker I found one, this is the closest but doesnt match your description, plus his brand is ' Dapi ' . Yours sounds like dial is signed Albert Jean ..., could be well also a retailer or jewelers private label watch.

    Dapi Jean Albert Harri Genf, Schweiz

    Photos will tell more than words. Upload some from the dial and caseback side. If you can open the caseback and expose a movement shot, that would be very helpful. But don't try if you never did it before or you don't feel comfortable, seek a watchmaker for removing the caseback.
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