Seiko Skyliner or 6220 movement?

Thread: Seiko Skyliner or 6220 movement?

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    Seiko Skyliner or 6220 movement?

    Anyone have any knowledge or experience with Seiko Skyliners? I saw one in person last weekend for $150 (serviced) and almost bought it, but balked because I knew nothing about the model or movement.

    What I know now: 1960's line of watches with 6220 series movements, 21 jewels, Diashock. Made as a cheaper alternative to the Seiko Liner (?). Wristwatch and pocket watch versions existed. Calendar and non-calendar movements. Prices are all over the place on eBay.

    The one I saw was stainless in color, didn't have a date window, and looked really good at about 36mm in diameter. A lot like this one (image yanked from eBay) but in steel. It looked larger than the other vintage watches on display, including a few Omega Seamasters, but not huge.

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    Any thoughts?
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    Re: Seiko Skyliner or 6220 movement?

    I know the thread is old, but worth a reply to nonetheless.
    I have a 6220 but with the Tonneau version, machine runs well after all these years and the vintage style is a winner. Also saw several models of the one you post over on eBay, and they seem to have aged fairly well. Sturdy movement as it had stood the tides of time.

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