Setting the date on a JLC Odysseus Perpetual

Thread: Setting the date on a JLC Odysseus Perpetual

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    Setting the date on a JLC Odysseus Perpetual

    I'm expecting delivery of a JLC Odysseus Perpetual Calendar (ca. 1987-1994).
    It has the Kurt Klaus perpetual module, first used by IWC in the mid-1980s, where date, day, month, moonphase, and year are set and move in sync rather than allowing for individual adjustment. While the more recent (Master) JLC perpetuals have a corrector pusher on the case for setting the date, the older (Lyre and Odysseus) ones adjust the date via the crown, just like the IWC perpetuals. Another interesting feature of the IWC/JLC perpetual module is that the date can only be advanced, never moved back.
    What I don't know however is in which direction you turn the crown for advancing the date - clockwise or counterclockwise? If anyone knows I'd be grateful for that piece of information.
    I actually asked JLC for the user manual of that watch. They were so kind to send it to me, but bizarrely it lacks information on that particular issue.
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    Re: Setting the date on a JLC Odysseus Perpetual

    Perhaps someone here will happen to know the answer to your question; however, this forum is for vintage and pocket watches, so you might want to try the JLC forum as well. Alternatively, you will presumably be able to answer your own question in about 2 seconds by trial-and-error.
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