Sicura Globetrotter..
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Thread: Sicura Globetrotter..

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    Sicura Globetrotter..

    What's a good price to pay ? Seen a couple about ranging from US$400 to UD$2000.. Like the look of them...

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    Re: Sicura Globetrotter..

    They're a cool looking watch alright, but as far as quality goes Sicura weren't exactly top tier, with basic movements and chrome plated cases and they're not exactly uncommon(the one with the pen knife in the case is rare to see mind you). They were nice, funky looking cheap watches at the time. These days and of course in my humble opinion they're often vastly overpriced. Usually with the added spiel/bulls… of a Breitling connection. There is one, but it's got nothing to do with 99% of the Sicura output.

    What would I pay for a Globetrotter? No way on god's green earth would I hand over 2000 quid for one. If I found I had I'd sign my self into rehab for a serious drink, drugs and blackout habit and I'd suggest any seller looking for that kinda price should join me in the next room(though I see one on ebay for nearly 3000 quid. :o Eh…. no). TBH 400 would be a stretch. I've seen them go on the Bay for 2-300 when they come up in no reserve auctions.

    Here's one from Spain at 150 ish with four days to go. A US one for 400 dollars with again four days to go(bit rich for me though). I reckon with a bit of patience you'll get one for under 300 dollars anyway.
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    Re: Sicura Globetrotter..

    Yeps as Wibbs said...Way overpriced and a connection to a brand that is pretty much non existent AFAIK...Wade through all the opportunists and eventually you'll find one that is the condition for the price...Getting harder all the time...Good luck...
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    So many little time.....

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    Re: Sicura Globetrotter..

    I see no point in paying even 400$ for a watch with an Ebauches Bettlach movement, even one with a world time ring, when such watches with such movements can normally be had for less than 50$.....

    Hartmut Richter
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    Re: Sicura Globetrotter..

    Hi there,

    nobody not having lost his marbeles would regard an old Beetle as Bugatti in disguise because Vollkswagen bought the brand Bugatti at some pont. Breitling didn't survive the quartz crisis, and was closed in 1979. A bit later, Ernest Schneider, who ran Sicura, bought just the brand Breitling, likely from the petty cash of Sicura.

    But ebay habits follow strange rules, and if any Sicura comes up, it needs just two bidders who believe that it is actually a Breitling. Of course sellers pretend this relation, and even if they don't, the huge ebay community supplies alsmost always at least two fools who boost the price.

    So instead of paying a bizarre premium for a suspected relation, better buy any other pinlever for few bucks.

    Regards, Roland Ranfft
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